Friday, November 4, 2011

Aurora25 Collection: Ready to Launch

View from the B-25 Cockpit
It's not always easy to keep on all of the latest trends out there. Sometimes I try to create my own and break away from the pack to create something new and fresh. Something that people haven't seen before.

Minnesota Wing logo
For anyone who knows me, I always have a lot going on, but there are two things in my life that I always have time for because they are important to me and have helped to shape who I am: the Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force which is a WWII Aircraft Museum. It's much more than just a museum, it represents family to me and a part of history that I feel is especially import to preserve. My grandfather was a member and so was my father so the family aspect is deeply ingrained in me. I also met my husband there and we both volunteer for the museum, which makes it extra special. The second thing is the fact that I grew up in Juneau, Alaska. Growing up in such a small town with such a wealth of nature and beauty surrounding me has given me an appreciation for the world around me and all the beauty it holds. It's also given me the chance to be creative and to use things I find around me. Nature doesn't care who you are or what you do, you are a part of it, no matter what!
One of my favorite beaches in Juneau

One of my more recent (by recent, I mean this year) endeavors has been to create a line of jewelry made from Aircraft and car parts, nuts, bolts, cotter pins, etc. Its been quite a unique experience to take something that can be very utilitarian and industrial and turn it into something beautiful and wearable.

I recently started selling my line which I have dubbed as the Aurora25 collection (which represents my love of natural beauty from growing up in Alaska and my love of WWII Aircraft and what they represent) at the Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force Gift Shop. 50% of all the sales go towards the Wing and projects they need to complete.
Clear Lucite w/ Washers

Trying to bring this collection to the masses, I brought a few of the piece to Parc Boutique in NE Minneapolis. The earrings to your right are available at Parc Boutique, but all styles are unique and will not be replicated! A portion of the sales at Parc Boutique, online, or anywhere they are sold will go towards the CAF Minnesota Wing.

In January of 2012, I will be partnering with Vault Denim on a Museum Trunk Show/Open house to show case some of the designs and their fabulous denim. A portion of all the sales will go towards the Minnesota Wing. 

I can't wait to bring this collection into full swing, as it's been almost a year in the making. From design to completion, I think you will all enjoy!

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