Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another new venture..of Vintage Fashion

In my vast amount of extra time between running a non-profit organization, owning a Soap Business, Consulting, a day job, and teaching children's art classes (whew! I'm worn out just saying that)...I decided to start taking some of the wonderful vintage I have been collecting over the years and share them with the world.

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I have been collecting and storing vintage stuff since I was a kid. I remember going through my mom's clothes from the 60s and just thinking how cool it was that she still had some of the stuff. I would try on her green corduroy pants from the Gap (still in mint condition I might add) and an embroidered top and I knew I was set! Not sure how good the combinations actually were back then, but as I got older I learned what retro looks went together and what was worth saving. 

With hosting two WWII dances at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing, my collections began to grow even more. In addition to Civilian clothing, I started collecting vintage Military items with my husband. I'm finding there are quite a lot of people interested in dressing up for the I decided to start my own Etsy site for vintage stuff. I only just began posting you will find purses, jewelry, records and such. You can expect to find coats, dresses, and more very soon. Eventually, I will be creating a site for people to rent items specifically for dances and other functions. My thought is that while many people may attend these "Retro" bashes, they may not want to invest in the piece. So, why not rent it for the night just like you would a tux or dress for a formal engagement!

Stayed tuned for that...I'm thinking that is a great Winter project to get going. In the mean time, check out the Etsy site called Amelia's Vintage Closet. The site is named after our little kitten who is enamored with all of the sparkly things hanging in my closet!

Vintage Earring Magnet

Vintage Earring Magnet