Friday, March 5, 2010

Purchases with a cause

When I am not making soap or jewelry, I spend a lot of my time at the Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force. It’s an all volunteer non-profit group that is dedicated to historical preservation and education. We spend a lot of our time fund raising for the Wing to help keep the WWII aircraft flying and the museum available for people to come and visit at a reasonable cost.

My own business (Twilight Soaps & Gifts) and the Commemorative Air Force are two very important things to me and I thought what better way to bring the two together and help raise some money and awareness for the CAF than by making a line of jewelry made from aircraft parts- washers, screws, and anything else I can get my hands on.

Please check out my website for specific items that are made from these special materials, as I am donating 20% of each to the Minnesota Wing Commemorative Air Force. I will be posting some more unique items later today… and some of the pieces turned out better than I thought!


Vintage Earring Magnet

Vintage Earring Magnet