Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And the Survery SAYS....

Ok Folks, I need your thoughts...so please weight in by posting to the blog or emailing me at twilightsoaps@yahoo.com. This is a chance for all of my wonderful customers to voice their opinion about my products because, after all, I make it for you!

As most of you know, Twilight Soaps & Gifts is undergoing a make over from Logo to fragrances and packaging and more. I am thinking about cutting my Shower Gel from the Twilight Line since the FABULOUS soaps sell so well...thoughts? Soap vs. Shower Gel?
Which do you like better and why?


1 comment:

Tee Tee said...

I like the soap!!!! I don't use gel, the bars seem to last longer and smell better for longer, doesn that make sense? I love the bars, but I know some people might like options...I will always go with soap over gel.

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